KT Audio Audio 211 amplifier

The latest newest KT-Audio 211 amplifier. KT Audio writes: “211 tube – Legacy of Big Bottle. 211 was developed by Western Electric, the first version named 211A completed in late 1921. Then copied in late 1923 by Westinghouse, and marketed by them and RCA. With a Mu 12.5, it was intended for RF transmitting and audio modulation.  211 types were widely made by other firms, as they caught on in industrial and medical application”

“Western electric’s version started with the 211A, the 211B and 211D just the same tube with differente grades of filament. The 211E was notorious for its use in the WE 43A theater amplifier. This makes old 211Es highly collectible.
211 really shines since Mr. Hiroyasu Kondo application in Ongaku amplifier reputation. That 211 amplifier made the world stunned because of its magical sound.”