Kuzma Analog Academy day two report

Day two started with the nice breakfast under the Slovenian mountains. Franc Kuzma started the Analog Academy presentation explaining the basic analog principles. 
As I’ve told many times, setting up the turntable its science of its own. Its about mathematics and physics. Without basic understanding of working principles there is really no way to adjust and setup turntable in a proper way and especially with turntable every little thing matters. 
There are quite few theories being observed by different manufacturers and analog connoisseurs and in the end the sum of everything included the listening part connected with the hands on experimentation. Up to the certain point one can set up things properly, yet without the practical audible part there is no profound ending resulting in a high-performance vinyl reproduction. 
Taking into the consideration how fragile stylus is, everything surrounded with the vinyl reproduction is a small miracle. Getting the correct SRA, VTA, tracking force etc. demands in depth knowledge and mileage. 
Franc explained how tracking is similar to the car suspension. There are different cars and especially sport cars have a more rigid, tight suspension translating into completely different driving experience and the feel of the road then the usual one. In a similar way tracking reacts to the different principles, materials and approaches. In a way this is an endless universe of trial and error embed with the factual technical grounds.
I really like the friendly atmosphere and Franc is sharing his in depth knowledge in an open and understandable way.
Next on is practical part of setup. Stay tuned…