Lab12 Integre4 Audiophile Integrated Amplifier NEW

Integre4 – The centre of your modern high end audio system. From the first steps of our design, we focused on achieving a wide open sound which is usually unprecedented in an integrated amplifier. Integre4 can drive any pair of speakers to remarkable audio performance with the convenience of a new age, one chassis design which saves you from large bunches of cables, unsuccessfully matched devices and of course wasting space and money. With 2 x 45 Watt from two pairs of 6550 you will receive warm and tight low frequencies, definite tube vocals and analytical high frequencies that will never sound nothing but natural.
Top reproducing performance with proofs
We use four (two independent for each channel and not common tube for both channels) low noise dual triodes driver tubes to achieve perfect soundstage and a low crosstalk between channels. The exceptionally regulated high voltage power supply guarantees an absolutely free of noise signal. Eleven low ESR and high capacity capacitors can provide the instant energy that the amplifier may need to reproduce the most demanding music programs even at higher volume. For the sake of natural sound, we designed a pair of perfectly matched Ultra Linear output transformers which, in combination with the power amplification stage, stay stable in any speaker impedance. Power and output transformers have been designed to live out of the chassis, not only for this great retro style look, but to ensure that we have the best magnetic shielding near the driver and power stage of the amplifier.
Bias adjustment, easier than ever
One of the most important things in all tube amplifiers is the tubes’ bias point. We got some steps beyond the LED bias indication and we developed a precise and stable bias monitoring system using a powerful digital processor. Taking advantage of this feature, you can easily monitor the bias point of each power tube on the OLED multifunctional display of Integre4. Without needing any external equipment, you can accurately adjust the anodes current of any pin compatible tube. You will find a list with the recommended bias values for any compatible tube in Integre4 owner manual so it is easier than ever to match your amplifier to your personal taste of sound by selecting your favourite model of tubes.

Smart protection and monitoring system

A central digital processor offers a sophisticated control and protection system not only for soft starting the power tubes but also for continuously monitoring all tubes and high power parts and protecting them from a high, out of normal range current. Integre4 also takes care of the tubes lifetime by automatically setting the amplifier in sleep mode after realizing a long period with idle input signal. Integre4 will also weak up automatically when an input signal triggers the input again. This smart protection system will also remind you to check the bias or replace your tubes considering the tubes working hours and the bias setting point.
Connectivity and extendibility through I/O Upgrade Modules
Five analogue inputs are available through the input selection. You can change the displayed name of each input or just disable it if no device is connected. All inputs are controlled from the main processor and the signal reaches the driver stage via high grade relays. With our I/O Upgrade Modules, you can extend integre4 functionality with high quality Phono Stage, USB/Coaxial/Optical DAC or XLR inputs and more without adding extra devices on you rack. Integre4 also offers a standard 6.3mm headphone output that fully exploits the amplifier power stage by using a dedicated adaptation circuit and not by replicating the signal with conventional operational amplifiers. As a result you can enjoy the rich sound of your speakers on your headphones too.
Usability and style
Every function of Integre4 is reachable from both navigation rotary button in face plate and the remote control. All useful information is displayed in the big legible multifunctional OLED display. The overall smooth and solid construction is highlighted further with our new grey matt colour for the pleasure of your eyes too…
• EL34, 6550, KT88, KT120 compatible (6550 form factory)
• Remote Control
• Large OLED display
• Blue Velvet ALPS motorized potentiometer
• Matched tubes
• Sophisticated Bias Adjustment
• Connectivity and extendibility through I/O Upgrade Modules
• Smart protection and monitoring system
• No feedback design
• Handcrafted custom audio grade transformers
• Special audio grade matched parts in every stage
• SRSG® implementation
• Gold plated teflon rca connectors
• Gold plated tube sockets
• 5mm aluminum face panel with luxury painting
• Five years guarantee
• Power: 230/240 Vac 50Hz
• Power consumption: 350 VA max
• Output power: 45 watt per channel (6550)
• Frequency response: 15Hz – 60KHz (-1dB)
• Input impedance: 50K ohms
• Tube complement: 4x 6n1p dual triodes, 4x 6550 power pentodes (EL34, KT88, KT120 compatible)
• Inputs: 5x line stereo RCA connectors (Available upgrades)
• Color : Matt Grey
• Dimensions (WxHxD): 43x19x29 cm
• Weight: 13Kg