LampizatOr phono preamplifier in the making

A short video and few photos of the upcoming full tube concept LampizatOr MC phono preamplifier. The design goals are…

  • No silicon, all tubes, in both power supply (tube rectified and tube regulated) and in music stage. Passive RIAA with 3 switchsble curves.
  • Very liquid sounding tubes
  • MC inputs (no mm at all)
  • Transformer input of very high quality.
  • RIAA which is not LampizatOr’s design but used a readily available design from DIY site. This is Lukasz only shortcut, all the rest is his own idea. 
Lukasz writes: “After installing RIAA between the input stage and output stage it was time for measurements. My first success!  The PSU as well as the circuit are dead quiet. This is a rare achievement, especially considering lack of any shielding, wooden sub-chassis and an extreme bird nest wiring. I can only imagine making it neatly and clean and using copper box for shielding.”