Leema Acoustics Pulse IV integrated amplifier NEW

The Leema Pulse IV integrated amplifier is the latest iteration in the renowned Leema Spectrum series of products. Sporting the same machined billet aluminium front panel styling as its bigger brother, the Leema Tucana, the understated but classy looks of the Pulse IV will blend seamlessly with any decor. Based on Leema’s Elements series topology, dual mono output sections allow incredible power and drive from such a svelte design.
Capable of nearly 200 watts RMS in to 8 ohms, the Pulse IV is easily capable of driving today’s loudspeakers, no matter how difficult the load, or low the efficiency. The wide selection of input’s cater for practically anything the modern audiophile could desire. The inclusion of Leema’s M1 asynchronous USB board allows for high quality computer playback at up to 24bit / 192kHz. Conventional digital sources are also amply catered for with three co-axial S/PDIF inputs and three optical inputs.
Bluetooth streaming is also included, allowing the direct streaming of audio from compatible portable devices. Many high quality codecs are supported, including aptX.
Of course, analogue sources have not been forgotten, four individual inputs are available via RCA/Cinch connectors with a dedicated front panel input via 3.5mm stereo jack socket.
The Leema Pulse IV features a large central graphics display which shows the current input and volume setting when in play mode.
When accessing the setup menus to fine tune the Pulse IV to your requirements, the display defaults to menu mode, allowing straight forward adjustment of the various parameters to be carried out.
A high quality integrated headphone amplifier rounds out the Pulse IV specifications, with a 3.5mm stereo jack socket conveniently located on the front panel.
Leema Pulse IV Specifications
Size…..(H x W x D) : 95mm by 435mm by 350mm
Mass : 14Kg
Power output, both channels driven:
180 W RMS………………8 Ohm
360 W RMS………………4 Ohm
Output Current.: Greater than +/-12 Amps.
Distortion (THD) 10w RMS @ 1 kHz. : 0.015% measured AES17.
Driver installation required for USB interface when using Windows computer. Disc included.