Legendary Cello electronics still sings

We are fortunate to be invited to one of the premier audiophile’s audio system that consisted of the flagship Cello electronics, Emmlabs digital front end and the flagship loudspeaker system from Wilson Audio, the XLF.
How does this mega buck system sounds like?
A visitor told me the system’s audio presentation enveloped the entire dedicated audio den. I concurred 100%! I wish to add that the presentation is equally impressive in its musicality department. There is no hint of artificiality in the tonality but each tone is delineated well with the right amount of decay. I am surprised that the Cello electronics’ audio performance can still hold their own to this very day against competing current designs. The owner told me that the Cello electronics have been trouble free throughout their time in his system which is more than a decade and a half.
I can say that this owner is not looking to change his electronics anytime soon. A wonderful experience for all of us.

Dato’ Danon Han