Lenkong B-55 – the Noshid platter

… at last, after some weeks lost at the paint workshop, here is the definitive Lenkong platter!
It’s 5.5 kilos aluminium alloy with bronze bearing/spindle hole and it’s 32 cm diameter, like the cool Shindo platter and with its recessed top, it accepts both original sought-after, expensive BUT superb Shindo mat and OEM cork mats or whatever you wish to use.
The finish is also reminding Shindo’s – only wise and cool difference: the platter underside isn’t painted (sic…) so the idler-wheel is spinning on a friendly, even surface.
As the late Ken Shindo never did a Lenco dedicated platter, I respectfully named my platter with a Middle-Eastern hinting anagram – i.e. Noshid.
I’m sure Ken would forgive me – from the audio mavens heaven – as I’ve been a scholar and admired his work as a fan most of my life, always in debt for his teachings.
The sound… more to come… just stay tuned… first spinning and careful stethoscope tasting with the dedicated, bespoke, oversized bearing says “OK!”, definitely.
The improved lathing precision and increased thickness on top plus the added peripheral mass, all these details… well, will make Lenkong a Lenco statement, hopefully.
Now waiting for the plinth and in few weeks the duckling will be a swan…
… aehm, a swan:-)
Stefano Bertoncello: link