LessLoss custom Studio Electric T3 loudspeaker

LessLoss has custom ordered from loudspeaker designer David Macpherson a unique version of his Studio Electric T3 loudspeaker featuring custom drivers and a dome enclosure. The acoustical benefits of dome enclosures are well known but seldom created due to their complexity of build. It can also be argued that such solutions seldom look classy enough to fit a real-world home decor.
LessLoss specified the loudspeaker be built not painted, but with Ebony veneer, not standard maple, but African Padauk tweeter enclosure, not chrome, but copper sphere, and not MDF, but premium plywood housing. The result is a loudspeaker which the designer himself said was the most beautiful he’s ever made.

These loudspeakers have no ‘box’ sound at all. Music emanates from them as if from the acoustical source itself. This is due to the lack of nodes and refractions on the inside of the round enclosure. It is a pure pleasure to listen for hours and hours as these small loudspeakers fill the room with natural acoustic energy.

In fact, when you get up and walk around outside of the sweet spot, it is remarkable how even the midrange continues to sound. True, the highs will decrease as they are beaming from the tweeters, but the overall acoustic remains absolutely believable, just as if you would get up and walk around a string quartet or a grand piano, with just as much conviction that there are indeed ‘musicians playing in your room.’
Also, it will be easy for the buyer to transport the speaker from show because they are being sold along with their professional flight cases which have wheels and handles built in.