LessLoss Echo’s End R-2R DAC with Firewall technology NEW

Long in the making, long held secret, now LessLoss reveal the first announcement about their latest high performance product, a new analogue-to-digital signal converter of superlative performance and value!
Meet Echo’s End: LessLoss new discrete precision resistor R-2R DAC with multiple integrated Firewall technology!
LessLoss Echo’s End
LessLoss will soon release our new world-class DAC with discrete precision resistor topology. No off-the-shelf mass produced DAC chip is used. This ladder DAC will be turbocharged with no less than 11 directly integrated new generation Firewall modules. These will condition both the AC power as well as all DC supplies throughout the unit. The results are no less than phenomenal in terms of clarity and relaxation, without the tube-y type “softened” sound of transformers or tubes to achieve it.
Digital inputs and analogue outputs
The unit supports USB, S/PDIF, and AES/EBU digital inputs. Which ever one you connect, the unit locks to without any switches. Both unbalanced and balanced outputs are included.
The idea behind the name Echo’s End
Think about this: every echo’s end is where hearing transforms into listening.
With most any DAC, you can hear everything. With Echo’s End, you can listen to everything. Echo’s End goes well beyond hearing sensation and affords best conditions for listening.
With other DACs, you can hear good things in a technical sense. With Echo’s End, you can listen to the best humanity has to offer. There’s something there beyond the mere signal, and we want to go there.
During testing, listening sessions became difficult because we kept losing track of time. After all, we are supposed to be at work here… Never has it been more difficult to peel ourselves from the desire to continue to listen for pleasure alone. It seems all critical faculties melt away and fail. Something else seems to take over, completely. One cannot help but marvel, and continue to marvel. (And no, we will not be held responsible for loss of sleep!)
Let me just say it this way: you need this new piece of equipment in your collection! It represents a new performance proposition, completely unique in this world. We are way beyond hearing new notes in chords, new subtly revealed accents and minute gestures of expression. We are now listening to and easily comprehending intent, ambient reality, a clear record of past events, to the actual meaning conveyed to the listener. A single historical performance can be described by a thousand critics’ reviews, but now we can actually experience what they meant.
USB-ready; a new USB raised to audiophile standards
Along with the Echo’s End DAC, we are also developing the USB Firewall Key. It will be about $300. We can now say, for the first time in history, that USB is acceptable as a digital source suitable for audiophile playback purposes. No amount of digital smudginess or smearing remains in the sound. We now have a purity and clarity of tone previously only ever achieved by interfacing with well-shielded S/PDIF, AES/EBU, or even I2S. This opens the door to affordable desktop audio well within, if not defining, the highest performance class. An uninteresting, even cold-sounding, unmodified(!) computer can now convey authentic human emotion. There is nothing smudgy, fuzzy, or harsh remaining in the sound. Time passes smoothly as if from a reel-to-reel tape machine, less the noise. One is transported into a feeling of decades past, even before the rise of digital audio.

Featuring Analogue signal outputs as follows:

– 2 Channels Unbalanced (RCA), straight off of the Ladder DAC resistor network at 1.4V RMS. You can even drive many headphones directly, because this is a very powerful output. Or connect with a preamp volume control.
– 2 Channels Balanced (XLR), at ~2V RMS. You can drive most any headphone through this output. Or connect with a preamp volume control.
LessLoss Echo’s End
This is a masterpiece of high performance. All connectors and circuit boards are mated directly to wood. No Fuses. No frills. No lights. Not even any switches (automatic detection of whatever digital input is used.) Very little plastic throughout. Very rich, organic sound. Very pleasing and most hypnotic. No metal-on-metal junctions; everything is hand-soldered using solid core wiring, including all 11 Firewall modules.
A plan of action, with your help!
We love this device and have poured years of our best energy into it. We want to share it with as many of you as possible, under the most affordable conditions. To achieve this, we must accrue part of the production funds in the form of your pre-orders. This will make the self-cost of the unit lower. In thanks, we will offer a production agreement with you at excellent pre-order financial conditions. We will also throw in a couple of gifts. (More on that below!)
LessLoss Echo’s End
We want do another “kickstarter” style promotion and inform participants at all steps of progress. As the price is higher than for most accessories, we want to emphasize our pledge to satisfy you and to never let you down in terms of communication.
Pricing suggestion:
Retail price is set at 4962 USD. There will be great savings available to pre-ordering customers. We want to be ready to ship on or before December 20, 2015. This means we need to get moving now.
If enough people respond favorably, we will be able to offer pre-order conditions of close to 50% discount, and speed up production! As we have been working behind the scenes on this, we already have much in place for this, but not quite all. At this point, the most seriously demanding production issue will be the enclosure. Your enthusiasm in the form of a pre-order will remove this final barrier and we’ll be able to roll out enough units efficiently to make this limited time “dream price” a reality. Compare the performance to exotic units retailing at around $50,000-$100,000. This product lives not within the lifestyle marketplace realm, but square center in the realm of electronics art. And we want to make it accessible to you.
LessLoss Echo’s End
You have already seen our production partners at work with the Firewall modules. These are the same wonderful people who will mill the Echo’s End enclosure. They are young, energetic, meticulous, trustworthy, and have very high work ethics standards of their own. Everything they make, they stand behind 100%. We would never settle for anything less.