To give you an idea of the range of custom possibilities available from LessLoss, I wanted to share with you these photos of the most ambitious custom power distributor we have made to date.
The unit below features four stacks of 29 Firewall modules each, for a total of 116 Firewall modules on board. This amount is not overkill, but represents sonic performance which is no less than magical. Many thanks to our benevolent customer for having entrusted us with such an ambitious project. It was a pure pleasure to create this masterpiece, and a meaningful day when we finally shipped.

The device features a solid oakwood enclosure with robust wall thicknesses. A heavy glass counterweight is fixated to the opposite wall from the outlets. This ensures a stable stance even when all 10 outlets are used. C-MARC™ power cable is lightweight as it is, but the aluminum frames holding the outlets and all the plugs do add up in weight.

Customer requested six outlets from Furutech and four from Oyaide to enable fine mixing and matching of sonic color throughout his system. Careful planning of this project allows for simple exchange of outlets should time prove that another outlet combination be desired.
Precision laser engraving finishes off the front of the unit, which sits proudly on Bindbreaker high performance vibration control equipment feet.
Internal wiring is carried out entirely using C-MARC™ Hook-up Wire, Large. Because the four Firewall stacks are all wired in parallel, this means that for each power leg, a total of 2.304 x 4 = 9.216mm^2 cross section of conductivity is achieved. Dynamic performance is incredibly natural, while the noise is brought to levels so low that a great deal of the most natural detail is faithfully revealed. Every recording becomes a beautiful insight into heartfelt expression.
To this date, even after completion and testing of this large project, LessLoss still has not found the number of Firewall modules needed in order to pinpoint any undesirable coloration of the solution. The solution is effective to such a degree that further addition of Firewall modules continues to expose more genuine content from recorded material.