Gilad Tiefenbrun – Linn writes: “At Linn we’re obsessed with reproducing music as faithfully as possible. We already design and make the world’s best audio systems right here in Scotland. And now, we’ve spent £1.1 million to make the best even better. You already know about our passion for music, our attention to detail and our commitment to quality. But what you might not know is that we’re always looking for ways to improve the way we do things and to invest in the future of audio technology so we can bring you even closer to the music you love.”

Incredible accuracy means incredible audio

For the very first time we’re bringing the machining of metalwork for all Klimax Network Music Players and amplifiers in-house. We’ve invested in the most advanced 5-axis machine centre so that we can engineer our iconic Klimax range with even greater precision.
Launched in 1999 with the Klimax Solo, Klimax products reside at the pinnacle of audio reproduction almost two decades on.
Produced from raw-billets of aluminium, Klimax sources and amplifiers feature precision-machined cavities to isolate power, analogue and digital electronics, which minimises distortion and optimises the performance of the circuitry.
Bringing the machining of this metalwork in-house doesn’t just improve the quality of today’s products, it will mean that tomorrow’s are even more innovative, manufactured to even tighter tolerances and will sound even better.
What’s more, machining in-house also means that our R&D team can design a new product casing, send it to our new five-axis machine and then walk just fifty paces to see it being produced; within a couple of hours the engineer has a prototype in their hands.
Imagine the flexibility to innovate that provides.
Putting audio quality under the microscope
Our commitment to removing every obstacle between your ears and the original performance applies even at the microscopic level. That’s why we’ve upgraded our component placement machines to use even smaller, more efficiently placed components that can be organised with greater complexity and flexibility.
By reducing the distance the audio signal travels between individual components, we can improve the audio across all our products.
However, that’s not the only way we’re improving our circuit boards.
We’ve also replaced our existing ovens with the most advanced vapour-phase ovens available. Instead of normal air, which can cause oxidisation of solder joins, vapour-phase soldering takes place in an inert atmosphere that removes the risk of oxidisation altogether. That enables us to target each and every joint of every circuit board with the right temperature each and every time for consistently high quality and durability.
Who says British manufacturing is dead?
To put it mildly, we’re excited about this and what it will empower us to do.
Our investment enables us to deliver even higher quality across our product range while keeping our manufacturing right here in Scotland. When we say we build our products to the tightest tolerances, we mean it; you won’t find us outsourcing our manufacturing and our quality control abroad.
It’s a commitment to you, to provide you with the best possible products and therefore the best possible experience at home. We’re already improving audio quality across the board, but this investment opens up some really interesting possibilities for the future too.
Control over more areas of production means that we learn more; improved learning allows us to design even better products; and that ultimately brings you closer to your favourite music for decades to come.