Listening Chair!?

Verity Audio writes: “One crucial factor to consider is the placement of the chair’s headrest with your ears. The headrest can unintentionally absorb and diffuse sound waves nearby if it is at ear level or higher. This can significantly impact your system’s soundstage width, tonal balance, and high-frequency clarity.

To experience this effect firsthand, try a simple experiment:

While sitting in your current listening chair, place your hands behind your ears and listen closely to how the sound changes. You may notice a difference in the way the music is presented.

For an immediate improvement in your sound performance, we strongly recommend choosing a listening chair with a backrest that doesn’t extend past your shoulders.

This adjustment will allow the sound to propagate more freely and maintain a three-dimensional sound field.

As a result, your listening space will feel more expansive, and your music will breathe even more, enhancing your overall listening experience.

So, before you settle into your favorite recliner for your next listening session, consider the impact of your chair’s design on your audio enjoyment.

A thoughtful choice of seating can make a noticeable difference in how you experience your music.”

Image courtesy of Verity Audio