Living Voice R80 Speakers Premiere At Munich Show

Living Voice, will be unveiling their latest R80 speakers at the Munich High-End Audio Show in 2023. The speakers will be accompanied by Silver Enhanced Line, Power, and Phono components from SJS Electronics, as well as two Consolidated Audio Monster Can Step-Up Transformers: Silver Nano and Copper Nano. Additionally, the setup will feature the Kuzma XL AIR turntable, SAFIR 9 cartridge, and CAR60 phono stage. 

A second tonearm, the 4P14, and CAR40 will also be incorporated into the system. The Grand Prix Audio Monaco V3.0 turntable will be also premiered, complete with its controller and battery power supply, paired with the Kuzma 4P14 tonearm and CAR50 phono stage. All of this will be showcased on two Living Voice G2 high-end audio racks.
You can experience this exceptional audio setup in Room E220 at Atrium 4.