LP Gear Complete Line of New Cartridges

Henderson, NV | April 20th, 2016 | LP Gear®, a global analog resource specializing in phono cartridges, replacement styli, turntable belts, turntables, headphones, earphones, audio electronics and accessories, introduces The Vessel™ Cartridge Series. 
LP Gear The Vessel Cartridge Series
LP Gear is proud to introduce a complete line of nine The Vessel Cartridges priced between $99 and $799. Something for everyone, a complete line of quality cartridges for the novice to knowledgeable audiophile. You’ll find yourself engaged with the music, each model up the Vessel Series delivering more information, nuance and a more exciting connection to the music.
The first four cartridges available are The Vessel A3 Super Series. A for aluminum alloy cantilever, 3rd iteration motor, and then stylus type. You can upgrade your Vessel cartridge as your system improves by replacing the stylus. Our first four introductions are aluminum-cantilevered models, with a ruby cantilever Vessel Series to follow.
The Vessel A3SE – Super elliptical – $99 | The Vessel A3SV- Super Vivid Line – $260
The Vessel A3SS – Super Shibata – $499 | The Vessel A3SM – Super Microline – $499
Or choose the bargain-of-the-century LP Gear CF3600LE cartridge. Designed for LP Gear by Audio-Technica’s top engineers, its carbon fiber cantilever and special elliptical stylus deliver improved clarity and harmonic richness over the standard AT3600. At $34.95 it’s an irresistible bargain that greatly improves any arm and turntable it’s likely to be used with.
Like you, LP Gear loves analog. They’re here to support and supply you with everything you need to enjoy your music to the fullest. 
About LP Gear
LP Gear is a global analog resource specializing in stylus replacements, phono cartridges, turntable belts, headphones, earphones, audio electronics and accessories. In business for twenty years, LP Gear has long specialized in turntable belts and offer the most extensive variety on the planet! You’ll be startled by the improvement when upgrading a cartridge or system components.