M2Tech Evo Two series review is coming

M2Tech Evo Two series new product line is coming in for a review at Mono & Stereo. Find below the the official press release with photos…
M2Tech is proud to introduce the new Evo Two series, a modular desktop system for high quality computer audio playback. The new Evo Two series takes its steps from the huge success of the original Evo Series, refreshing the look and encompassing a large number of improvements over the predecessors.
Three models will be: the hiFace Evo Two Digital-to-Digital Converter, the Evo Clock Two High Precision Clock Generator and the Evo Supply Two Low Noise Power Supply. Soon to be followed by more models: the Evo Clock Two, the Evo Headphone Driver and the Evo PhoneDAC.
The hiFace Evo Two is a true Swiss Knife for its extreme versatility. Its USB device interface is USB 2.0 Audio Class compliant and supports ASIO under Windows and Integer Mode under OSX.
It is supported natively under OSX and Linux. It can be powered by the USB bus or by an external power supply like the Evo Supply Two. Its comprehensive outputs set includes S/PDIF, AES/EBU, ToslinkTM, and I2S in PS Audio standard.
Supported formats include PCM up to 384kHz (on I2S only, up to 192kHz on all other outputs) and DSD up to 128x (on I2S only). The external clock input accepts word clocks as well as master clocks, even asynchronous to the selected sampling rate. Sampling frequency information are sent out by an optical transmitter to the clock generator for automatic clock switching.

An auxiliary S/PDIF input allows for sending digital audio data to the computer for recording, as well as for sampling rate conversion through the internal SRC.

A cute LCD display shows all settings, together with the selected sampling frequency. All settings, as well as HID features, are set by a remote control.
The Evo Clock Two is a high precision Word Clock and Master Clock generator, which is perfectly tailored to the hiFace Evo Two, but which can work perfectly with many other equipment accepting a word clock.
Its internal high stability and low phase noise TCXO’s are routed and divided by a highest precision clock conditioner generally used for digital data transmission over satellite links.
Automatic frequency selection is performed when the Evo Clock Two is connected to the hiFace Evo Two by the dedicated optical link.
A cute LCD display shows the selected sampling frequency. Manual frequency selection is done by two buttons. The Evo Supply Two is a very low noise 9V power supply dedicated to the Evo Two Series products. It is provided with three outputs which deliver clean current from a low noise, discrete components regulator. Outputs are switched with a rele operated by a button on the front panel. Over current protection is included on each output.
All units are enclosed in a stylish aluminum case with 2mm brushed front panel, 105x48x100mm.
M2Tech is sold in Germany with the brand “Manunta”.