Magico. Constellation. CH Precision. Audioquest.

Audio Ultra Music Room 2 supports digital playback in a near-field capacity. The room incorporates quiet rock sheetrock and sound-rated insulation. Featured is a custom-designed acoustic wall panel concealing in-wall AU3000 sub-panel with seven dedicated circuits allowing the space to be reconfigured; “the room measures and sounds crazy good!” 

Digital shown:
– Aurender – Official ACS10 ripper, streamer and server and the N20 streamer/server
– Berkeley Audio’s Alpha Series 3  DAC with Alpha USB 
– CH Precision  CH Precision’s C1.2 DAC and X1 Power Supply
– IDEON audio  Absolute Epsilon DAC, Absolute Time Signature V and Absolute Stream 
– SOtM sNH10G (Switch), sCLKOCX10 (Clock) sPS500 (LPS)
– AudioQuest Power cables (crudely numbered) and Interconnects 
– Stromtank SEQ5 distribution