Magico – The Driver

Magico writes: “When you peer into the heart of this Magico driver, you see a large-diameter, pure-titanium voice-coil former. Why titanium? Titanium has the best balance between the qualities needed for the application: high stiffness, low damping, and medium conductivity. 

With aluminum—a common material used in the loudspeaker industry—conductivity is higher, resulting in distortion from eddy currents, not to mention that the thermal expansion of titanium is half that of aluminum. With fiberglass and Kapton, stiffness is much lower and damping is much higher, qualities which are not ideal.

What you see on the outside of a Magico loudspeaker—the impeccable finish on the most ambitious materials—might lead you to believe that massive resources were expended on the loudspeaker enclosure and the finish work. And you’d be right.

Equally valid, however, is the bill of materials of the components that you don’t see. You’ll never see the titanium voice-coil former of your Magico speaker, but you will hear the results of this investment.