Magnepan 30.7 speakers impact

Our friend Lee Shelly shares his impression and few photos about the Magnepan flagships: “I was invited to Audiolab in Fairless Hills, PA last night to hear the Magnepan Incorporated 30.7’s on their North American road show. Wendell Diller from Magnepan was on hand to demonstrate the speakers at stop #45 of 70 at retailers around the country. It was a fascinating experience. Very difficult to get a real complete feel for them in a room with 15 other people all walking around (they purposely asked people NOT to sit as they wanted to demonstrate the imaging from everywhere), but these are my brief impressions. 1) the image depth and height were exceptional. 2) the central image (think first violin) remained fairly central even WAY off axis. 3) they lack true bottom octave extension. They hint at it, but don’t quite fulfill the promise. 4) despite being driven by 400w Parasound mono-blocs, they struggled when trying to play VERY loud. Not really a big issue for me since I never listen that loud anyway, but if you do, be aware. 5) like the other big Maggies, the aesthetics are love it or hate it. Not high on the WAF. 6) in a world of $250,000 flagships, the $30k price tag seems  reasonable, but budget in a high-end sub. 7) you’re gonna need sone room. They are not small. “

“Overall, I was left intrigued by the soundstage and non-head-clamp imaging. Tonality from 35hz and up was quite good. The experience wasn’t quite on par with the biggest Wilson’s, YG’s and Von Schweikert’s, but at 1/10th the price, The Maggie’s acquitted themselves quite well.”
Worth a listen if you have the room.