Major Scale Musical Wine Glasses

As I’m often ask what gift would suit the high-enders for the upcoming seasons end here is a gift idea, that might be of interest.  
“Perform a sweet symphony on your tabletop with these innovative musical wine glasses. Your finger will cause the glass to vibrate, and a crystal-clear note will sound. Each glass accommodates a full A-major scale, with each note labeled with sandblasted fill lines. Glassware made in Germany, decorated in Reno, Nevada.”
In developing these musical glasses, we looked for a glass that would allow for a full A major scale, allowing for more versatile music-making. We used a high-quality lead-free crystal glass here to ensure the best resonance we could achieve.
Due to variations in glass we knew absolute, orchestral perfection was a bit too aspirational, but we have been pleased to find that the fill lines correspond quite nicely to the note indicated. 

Two glasses set: link
Complete set: link