Making a McIntosh: Paint

McIntosh writes: “After we fabricate our chassis in our machine shop, the pieces that receive our black painted finish (as opposed to those with a polished stainless-steel finish) go to our Paint Department where they go through our state-of-the-art powder coat paint line that was installed in 2019 and replaced our 50+ year old paint line. The pieces are hung on a conveyor and travel approximately 400 feet (121 meters) through the entire paint line.”

The pieces are first chemically washed to remove any residue that would prevent the paint from adhering, then they go through an 380° F (193° C) oven to be dried. Next, they go to the manual paint booth where the powder coat paint is hand sprayed onto each piece. From there they go back through the oven for curing where the paint is baked on. During this curing process, the pieces are in the oven about 4x longer compared to the drying cycle. Each piece is then wrapped in protective paper until it is ready to be assembled into the final unit.