Marcel Dupré: The Mercury Living Presence Recordings (Trailer)

Newly-remastered from the original tapes by Mercury Living Presence specialists, available together for the first time in one 10CD set, we present The Complete ‘Mercury Living Presence’ Recordings of Marcel Dupré. No fewer than five of these albums appear on CD for the first time, including recordings at Saint-Sulpice in Paris. This 10CD set presented in original jackets, plus ALL the original liner notes from the LPs.
An extensive booklet in French and English includes complete organ specifications, notes on the remastering process and extracts from from Mme Dupré’s diary from Marcel Dupré’s 1957 tour to the USA.
Dupré was a prolific performer and in his lifetime played 2178 recitals around the world including a series in which he played Bach’s complete organ works – from memory. He made huge contributions to the advancement of organ teaching and technique and wrote pieces that were too difficult for anyone other than him to perform until years later.