Another interesting tube amplifier… “The Margules TR2200-SC amplifier combines the superior sound of vacuum tubes with innovative technology. The result is exceptionally good sound and unusual versatility.”

Audiophiles have argued the merits of Ultralinear and triode operation for 50 years. Triode operation gives lower distortion, at the price of reduced power output. Serious audio- philes have rewired Ultralinear amplifiers to convert them to triode operation. The TR22000-SC ends the argument, by providing switched triode / Ultralinear operation. For those times you don’t need high power, you can have the more-refined sound of triodes. And unlike most vacuum tube amplifiers.

Class-A Output Stage & Active-Servo Bias
Vacuum tube power amps with class-A outputs are rare. Class-A operation causes the tubes to run quite hot, and increases the chance of saturating the output transformer. Margules has gotten around this problem by incorporating Active Servo Bias (patent pending). The bias actively tracks in input signal, permitting full class-A output, without overdriving the tubes. Active Servo Bias also sets DC bias and AC drive levels automatical- ly, assuring optimum electrical and sonic performance. Throughout the useful life of the output tubes, no drive or bias adjustments are ever needed. New tubes can be installed without test equipment or a time-consuming setup. Active Servo Bias also makes it possible to use a variety of output tubes. The 6550, KT88, KT99, or KT100 can be interchanged without modification. Active Servo Bias is implemented with semiconductors designed for the aerospace industry, assuring long, trouble-free operation.
Zero Feedback
The TR2200-SC does not use overall negative feedback. This would normally result in a low damping factor, which is not desirable for most speakers. Margules has developed the BEFS (Back Electromotive Force Sensor), which changes the amplifier’s output impedance as the load requires. BEFS permits the amplifier to drive difficult speaker loads with excep- tional dynamics and extended, controlled bass. The TR2200-SC’s innovative design is complemented with precision metal-film resistors and polypropylene capacitors.
Power ultralinear:
360 w
100 w/channel
Frequency response:
20 Hz-35 kHz
Signal to noise radio:
>80 dB
Max power consumption:
2,200 w
55 kg each
Dimentions (height, width, depth):
21 cm x 44cm x 68cm