Metaxas IKARUS 2015 Reference Amplifier and free download

Kostas Metaxas present his IKARUS 2015 Reference Amplifier – designed to be a revealing playback tool for concert recordings. Ultra-High-Speed, phase-perfect, housed in an RFI-proof ultra-low-noise shielded CNC’d “sculpture”, the wealth of inner detail it reveals is nothing short of a REVELATION. 
Below you can find recording sample which has been recorded on 10″ analogue tape and dubbed to 24b/96k: link.
The first 4 minutes are recorded with B&K 4033 [1/2 inch capsules] – the two cellos are “intimately” presented. The second Jazz track and third classical pieces are recorded with the ultra-fast B&K 1/4″ 4135 capsules – hence the incredible “bloom”.
Kostas Metaxas will be uploading more tracks from the 300 odd concerts he has recorded over the past 15 years in the coming months…