Metaxas Perambulator – Combobulator – Standulator

Metaxas Perambulator – Combobulator – Standulator “Magic”… The final adjustments to dial up the emotion in the mids, the foundation in the bass and the sheer musical pleasure overall. 

Metaxas writes: “What surprised me were some of the smallest changes in the motor power supply led to some of the biggest improvements. What I thought could have been a wee bit of mistracking sorted by output decoupling capacitor “type”…go figure! Once the correct cap was installed, everything just “popped” [to use a photographic analogy]. My reference disc is my master tape committed to vinyl which tells me how close the TT is to Tape. What vindicates me is the absolute best I could do with the mechanicals [titanium arm/massive stand/decoupled platter/sapphire-diamond bearings and thrust plate yadda yadda] speak for themselves – literally. BTW, this has been recorded BEHIND the speakers with just a Nexus 6…[music courtesy Harry Van Dalen…]”