Everyone knows Mundorf, Duelund, Jantzen, Jupiter capacitors, but Miflex from Poland might have skipped the general attention. This company from Poland is over 60 years old and some audio designers consider them to be of the same quality or even above the usual suspects… 
MIFLEX SA in Kutno was established in 1957, beginning its manufacturing activity with simple radio capacitors. At present, the factory is the biggest manufacturer of a wide range of passive electronic components in Poland. The applications include home appliances, lighting, audio equipment, power electronics, electrical equipment and machinery (pumps, electrical tools, air conditioning), single-phase motors, compressors, and other uses.
MIFLEX SA uses a number of sophisticated methods supporting the production processes in order to manufacture high quality products, in accordance with European and international standards. Our products fulfil the requirements of European standards, including the RoHS Directive and REACH Regulation.