Miles Ahead, the movie…

Don Cheadle – Director – Actor ” Miles Ahead” 
Playing Now in LA & NY – Coming Everywhere April 22, 2016
In the late 1970s, jazz superstar Miles Davis (Don Cheadle), during the height of his fame, disappears from public view. Holing up in his home alone, he endures chronic pain due to a deteriorating hip. The medication he takes to control the pain stifles his musical voice and causes hallucinations. Music reporter Dave Braden (Ewan McGregor) wants to know what’s going on and he somehow manages to get into Davis’ house. The two men form a friendship and embark on an adventure to get back a tape of Davis’s latest compositions, that was recently stolen.
Cannot stand in my shoes, waiting to watch at this movie… also if production had to – someway – compromise, hiring, better co-starring, a white actor – i.e. the ubiquitous, yet clever Ewan McGregor – to get the full industry support… reportedly said.
Mysteries, mysteries, mysteries… 

Stefano Bertoncello