“Elman, Mischa (Mikhail Saulovich), remarkable Russian-born American violinist; (Talnoy, Russian Empire, Jan. 20, 1891-N.Y., US, April 5, 1967. At the age of six, he was taken by his father to Odessa, where he became a violin student of Fidelmann and a pupil of Brodsky. His progress was extraordinary, and when Leopold Auer heard him play in 1902, he immediately accepted him in his class at the St. Petersburg Conservatory In 1904 he made his debut in St. Petersburg with sensational acclaim; on Oct. 14, 1904, he made a brilliant Berlin debut; on March 21, 1905, he made his first appearance in London to great acclaim.”

“On Dec. 10, 1908, he made his U.S. debut as soloist in an extraordinary performance of the Tchaikovsky concerto with Altschuler and the Russian Symphony Orchestra in N.Y., and was hailed as one of the greatest virtuosos of the time; he played with every important symphony orchestra in the U.S. In the following years, he played all over the world, and, with Jascha Heifetz, became a synonym for violinistic prowess. His playing was the quintessence of Romantic interpretation; his tone was mellifluous but resonant; he excelled particularly in the concertos of Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, and Wieniawski; but he could also give impressive performances of Beethoven and Mozart. He published several violin arrangements of Classical and Romantic pieces, and he also composed some playable short compositions for his instrument. Elman owned 3 instruments, all Strads: The Elman, 1722 ex-Burmester, The 1727 Madame Recamier, and The 1735, ex-Hartmann.
Mendelssohn (arr. Burmester) – Capriccietto from Quartet in E-flat / Mischa Elman, Solo Violin – Percy B. Kahn, Piano accompaniment / Victor Record (Emil Berliner pré-electric) Victor Catalog #64204 Red Label, Acoustic 10” One Sided, Recording Time 2:20 – Recorded in 1910 with Elman’s Strad 1722, instrument purchased from Willi Burmester in London in 1907.” – Saulo Zuccello