Misho Horn and Tubes

“Every so often in life we come across something that exceeds our expectations. Sometimes that is short lived, but sometimes it’s the real deal. For some time I have listened to these wonderful prototype amps from my dear friend Misho Horn and Tubes. They are a manifestation of his many years working on Western Electric and Klangfilm amplifiers, among many, many others. All the iron was wound by Misho. Interstage transformer coupled EF12 driving EL12 in the amplifier. The preamplifier is a single stage design using Siemens C3g interstage transformer coupled to Misho’s own output transformers.

I can say that they have exceeded my expectations in every way. They are not the normal hifi as we typically hear it. Brimming with cheap parts and compromises, sold in a fancy chassis for as much as a car. No these (prototypes) are something special. If you like modern thin, hard, harmonically bleached amps (which is just about everything I have heard) these are not for you. They don’t sound slow, thin, fat, hard or harmonically threadbare. They are not tone crippled. They are not etched or cast an artificially massive soundstage or image. They don’t have synthetic sounding tone. What they are is the very essence of music.

I’m about as fussy as it’s possible to be. I don’t want compromises, I don’t want good enough, or almost there. I want natural, organic, dynamic music with gorgeous tone, natural timbre and texture. These amps are the very essence of that. They simply sound like life itself. I cannot think of a better compliment.” – Andy Moore