MIT Predator Series Power Noise Traps

MIT’s Predator Series Power Noise Traps are a simple and affordable way to increase both audio and video performance in your system and headphones, bringing you more enjoyment from your music, movies and video games. Sources of extraneous noise will affect both your audio and video signals, as well as slowing down the digital data streams on your networks, and can manifest itself as subtle grainy distortions, compressed imaging, and unnatural or harsh timbre. 
Similarly, video picture quality will suffer in the form of slight graininess or snow, especially in darker pictures. The level of contrast and depth of field are affected, as is the natural detail that comes from accurately passing very high frequencies. In extreme conditions, line noise can create visible hum bars and color shifts. The Predator Power Strip Noise Traps are perfect for all headphone accessories powered by 110- 220V AC.