Monarch Systems Ltd., a distributor of high- performance consumer electronics, has officially launched their brand and services. Monarch Systems Ltd. will be focused not only in offering premium brands through “b to b” channels but also top-level dealer support and end-user care. Additionally, Monarch Systems Ltd is supremely active with helping their partners engage and strategize with consumers.Monarch Systems Ltd.’s two founders are longtime friends, Rich Maez and Jon Baker. Rich Maez has held various positions in the luxury consumer audio industry over the last 25 years. Mr. Maez is Monarch Systems Ltd.’s CEO and has wide-ranging responsibilities including creating core business strategies, financial planning, as well as sharing marketing and sales responsibilities to name a few. Mr. Baker has been in the specialty audio industry for 20 years and has extensive channel experience both globally and in the North American domestic market. Jon Baker is Monarch System Ltd.’s COO and will be focused on internal corporate structure, MARCOM, as well as shared responsibilities with creative marketing and sales accounts.

Monarch Systems Ltd. is the exclusive U.S.A. distributor for Chario loudspeakers, Perpetuum Ebner and Alluxity brands. Chario loudspeakers, founded in 1975, has been a leader in the craft and design of high-performance luxury loudspeakers. Perpetuum Ebner was first established in 1911 and the largest analog turntable manufacturer in Europe until Perpetuum Ebner merged with Dual. The Perpetuum Ebner brand was resurrected in 2015 and is currently spinning out analog solutions for the more budget minded consumer. Alluxity, is a relatively young company, however their team has years of experience engineering and manufacturing high performance and high value electronic components.

For resale partnership or press inquiries, please contact Monarch Systems Ltd.
Rich Maez
Ph# 303-718-9389
Jon Baker
Ph# 650-455-5590