Mono and Stereo new exclusive listening premises

With the level of operations happening here at Mono and Stereo and some of the high-end product clearly moving into into the luxury realms this is a part of much needed addition to Mono & Stereo premises. New room is five minutes away from my home and it will serve as an exclusive Mono and Stereo listening room and a place for dedicated Mono & Stereo exclusive events. 
This room is a part of old 13 century Puchenstein castle, that was rebuild to manor house in 1870 and also renovated few years back. 
“In that time also two stucco towers, built according to original plans, came into existence; they represent the only interior surplus value of the building. On its western side the manor house is fenced in by gardens that complete its visual appearance beautifully.”
You can spot the nice historical items and a lot of baroque style original paraphernalia. Room is big enough to host mightier speakers and curved stone walls offers unique room acoustics. 
A lot more is coming, but this is just an insight to get an idea…