Most crazy and best sounding tube amplifier every built?

Peter Avgeris: Monster is up & running on the bench, after several weeks of preparation. One of the most crazy and best sounding amplifiers every built? All Telefunken signal tubes, RE074 neutro – RE134 – RV258 Mercury vapor rectifiers for HT. Tube rectified filaments for all triodes! Insanely high loading interstage transformers, at 68kOhms and 47kOhms. 21 iron pieces per mono block!

The amp is almost finished, only one HV t/f is missing. All DHT tubes with inductive loading (interstage transformers) plus tube rectified filaments(!) without the slightest noise or hum, with parts spread allover the bench without the slightest precautions against noise, quite possibly indicates the end of the road. Amp is almost finished before it even started to play on the bench! The view of Telefunken RV258 with first generation globe 866 mercury vapor rectifier behind is something to die for!