MSB Select DAC impact…

Finally I’m getting needed focus back to my system and music. MSB Select DAC 2 is getting its deserved attention and I’ve had some time to play my favorite  tracks before my trip to Switzerland. 
Select 2 is highly matured product, that offers real modular structure. It’s really easy to exchange any module via simple locking system, that ensure no hassle future updates.  
Sound? Different league of digital audio reproduction. No chips, no opamps, no tubes… And this shows when paired with the right amplifier. I’ve played around with three optional scenarios in my quest for synergy:
– Analog Domain M75 acting like integrated amplifier with fixed Select gain set at 0dB. 
– Next scenario, M75 in the role of power amplifier, with Select taking the role of preamp 
– And the last setup, Robert Koda K-10 acting as main preamplifier and AD M75 as power amplifier. 
So far from all three possible combinations I’ve clearly preferred the simplest and most straightforward; MSB Select going directly into Analog Domin power amplifier input.
We can always argue the needed time for aural system adjustment to the new insertion. Still. Even without listening notes my preferred winning combo sounded most natural and stress less, which is high praised coming from my analog “unwashed” mouth:). 
MSB Select DAC weaves atmosphere and factuality jointly in most inspiring way and  imposes a very differently language onto whatever the context is.
Digital audio is finally coming to stage where it matters. 
More coming…