MSB Technology Digital Director Explained

Here is an easy-to-understand blurb about the brand new MSB Technology Digital Director that has just been released. “To start, this is a DAC Upgrade. This works with all existing MSB Technology Discrete, Premier, Reference, and Select DACs. Any version of the digital director works with any version of our DACs.  It is an additional product chassis that marries with the DAC to do extraordinary things.  New firmware will be required for the DAC. Current input modules are removed from the DAC and installed into the Digital Director. With the Pro ISL and Optical control link providing two way communication will allow the DAC display and controls to operate the Digital Director as a seamless experience.  This will not work as an independent product. The Reference and Select level Digital Directors have integrated linear power supplies, whereas the Premier Digital Director has an integrated switching power supply.” 

The creation of this product stems from the ever diversifying market of digital sources.  Servers, computers, and renderers etc.  We set out to find a way to bring all bit perfect sources onto an equal footing.  This required more power, processing, and perfect isolation.  Mission accomplished.  Having this as an external product was key for isolation. We are doing everything possible to further quite down the DAC chassis where the conversion process is most vulnerable to noise.

Lastly, we have offloaded the digital processing from the DAC into the Digital Director.  Using new high-performance DSPs along with all-new digital filters our DACs have taken a huge step forward.  I was blown away hearing the soundstage snap into even sharper focus!  I love how our favorite recordings continue to surprise us with new details and experiences.  It seems our digital journey is not yet complete and we are excited to discover what’s next.