At Very Fine Solutions opening event I’ve took the opportunity and asked Daniel Gullman of MSB Technology Corporation to share some insights about the all new MSB Technology Reference DAC.

Reference DAC follows MSB Technology new 21st century product direction, that started with the flagship Select DAC…

MSB Technology Reference DAC is a completely new product with a lot of architecture carried form the Select DAC. It has four DAC modules and eight channels (half of Select’s) and like other DACs from MSB Technology product line implement Opamp instead of the direct output.

The basic version uses digital control and there are no analog inputs, but they can be added as a module upgrade. MSB Technology Reference DAC comes as a two box design with separated power supply power power, that is slimmed and trickled version of the Select DACs with a smaller modification on the motherboard and less isolation on PCBs. Like with Select DAC, two mono block power supplies are optional.

Reference DAC is highly expandable and its fully compatible with all the Select DAC modules. SPDIF and Toslink digital inputs are standard.

It takes approximately two and half hours for CNC machine to cut solid aluminum block to form the Reference DAC stylish enclosure. With Select DAC this extends to eight hours.

Low noise LED display uses similar, in-house made technology as SELECT. Display is refreshed in between the processing samples, thus not affecting the audio. There are two different, selectable display modes. Standard and expanded, that shows bigger letters.

Reference DAC is bringing the sound performance closer to the SELECT DAC with half the modules on board. You don’t get the same quality and resolution, but it a big step form previous DAC generations. Clock technology is the same as with Select DAC, with Femto 140 is factory installed and as Select it ca be upgraded with Femto 33 clock for even better performance.

Both silver and black colors are standard. Custom colors and optional LCD screen covers will be available at the charge.

PRICE: 40.000 EUR without VAT

More to come…