Multipak Pakrac 2019

“The hub of good sound, images, words… Multimedia in Pakrac, or better known as Multipak, is one of the most important events in Pakrac representing it as the town of culture, music and good vibrations that can be felt at every corner. During Multipak, Pakrac is one of the best sounding towns in the world and a meeting place for numerous visitors who flock to this little town in western Slavonia looking for what they cannot hear nor see anywhere else but in Pakrac.”

It is a week in which Pakrac vibrates entirely different energy and a week in which our town is overwhelmed with different programmes and activities. It is when top musicians, authors, lecturers, artists, documentaries and, of course, irreplaceable hi-fi enthusiasts and exhibitors come to Pakrac.

Multipak is a result of excellent and long-lasting cooperation among the Museum of Town of Pakrac, the Public Library of Pakrac and Robertoshop under the patronage and with the support of the Town of Pakrac. It started in 2012 as a joint reaction of the above-mentioned organizers who wanted to prove that small towns can act big, or in other words that small town can be promotors of major top-notch events. The quality content, which in the case of Multipak is made of hi-fi equipment, music, film, literal and artistic events, create a backbone that has been upgraded since 2012 with even more quality and attractive programmes year by year.