Munich High-End Audio 2015 show highlights and report part FOUR

Munich High-End Audio 2015 report part four. More insights and highlights from the worlds most renowned high-end audio brands…
Perfect8 speakers displayed this year with Ypsilon electronics from Greece. Many cannot get pass Perfect8 glass aesthetics and even skip the presentation frequently. There is a lot more going on behind the glass bling, that meets the eyes. This wasn’t a top tier by all means, but it interestingly shown heck a lot. The airiness and feather like lightness at the highs reminded me of some of the best (large) ribbon based speakers. Typical tweeter always comes with the inherited set of rules and hubris that in the ultimate sense always works within vivid signature and let you hanker for more stressless performance. Perfect8 showed at the show The Point speakers with what it seems new ribbon tweeter. Anyhow, worthy of further exploration and good example of what why such ribbon is special and what i can bring to the unrestrained musical reproduction.

Natural Sound, that represents Audio Tekne and dc10audio presented the two Audio Tekne driven systems combined with dc10audio Berlin R and Kabuki speakers.
I’ve already written very positive remarks regarding dc10audio Kabuki speakers. Quite a few people I’ve meet at the show commented positive not only regarding the Kabuki’s, but also about Audio Tekne.
As usually some people just couldn’t grasp the sound performance, that these two combinations provided. These folks do look for something completely different in music reproduction. And that something closely correlating with trendy, “shick” and highly promoted imprint. This, so called contemporary sound have a little to do with the way real live music actually sounds like.
Natural Sound team was very satisfied with the sound of their room. I’ve enjoyed their system even more at Praha and Poland high-end audio show.
Both Audio Tekne and dc10audio are not for everyone. Yet, those who can recognise their true potency can enjoy something different, unusually involving and intimately musical.
ReQuest The Beast is a wet dream for many. While quite closed system, this device comes with a mesmerising aesthetics, involving sound and hefty price tag. I’ve had a luxury of trying it and listen more intimately few months ago and like it. Its not the easiest system to operate with and it takes some time to get used to. But, it can perform at the certain level, that surely ignites quite an interest. Still compared to a great analog rig, the ultimate performance cannot match it. Yet, its among more interesting digital front ends.
This French manufacturer lately intrigues many people around the globe. Some of their gear already found its way into the homes of demanding Asian audiophiles. Especially JMF PCD302 power line filter. At the Marriot Hotel they have shown HPM400 loudspeakers driven by complete “house” electronics. There were some positively alerting traces of liveliness and ignition with HPM400 that strongly pointed towards the legends of the past.  Not sure about the electronics and system as whole. I really needed to hear it in more controlled environment. JMF is on the radar and will perhaps strive for more efforts to explore the brand more in depth…
Sounddeco this year shown new series of their speakers in a trendy finishes, that certainly address eastern hemisphere. Some time ago Sounddeco arranged for sending in Alpha speakers for test and review. On contrary to others, I’ve found their performance at such hi-fi level, that I actually refuse to write a review and asked them to pick them up. I really hope they did their homework on the innards as they did with the new aesthetics.