There’s been so many request about the update on my personal listening room, so here is a sneak peek at the right here right now situation with few more upcoming updates (like main speakers etc.) . Find below more info about the size, acoustics etc.

Few details:

  • New dedicated house/listening room built from ground up
  • Golden ratio/Fibonacci sequence inspired size calculations
  • Room size: 5.36m (wide) 8.16m (length) 3.15m (height)
  • Brick wall construction with special acoustic plaster overlay
  • Perforated ceiling with multiple zone sandwich construction
  • Absolute left and right room halves mirroring 
  • One piece acoustic textile carpet. 20cm gravel section on both sides 
  • Kaiser Acoustics Spline diffusors 120cm x 120cm (3x)
  • Movable acoustic curtains (first reflection points and beyond) for evaluation flexibility
  • PYT Audio SMAD Reference panels (18x) on the back wall and reflection points (2x)
  • Bass traps 60cm  x 40cm – highly concentrated acoustic foam with wooden inlays (10x)
  • Custom sound proof/sound trap door. Reduction index RW=45 dB
  • Two custom sound glass multi layer windows. Reduction index RW=35 dB
And more…