NAT Audio Generator CT Power Amplifier

NAT Audio writes: “Generator CT is a new mono power amplifier made by NAT, based on military-grade single coaxial triode ceramic tube in pure class A with single-ended mode of operation and zero global feedback concept as well. NAT Generator CT is realized with a SINGLE very high output (350W of dissipation) power triode tube!”


  • One of the (if not) first high-power coaxial triode ceramic tubes with zero global feedback pure single-ended (realized with SINGLE triode tube) power amplifiers.
  • One of the (if not) most compact in the class of 100W single-ended (19″x19″x8.7″).
  • One of the (if not) most efficient units in the class (270W of power consumption for up to 100W of tube single-ended pure class A output).
  • The sound of NAT Generator CT should be (according to designer – Dejan Nikic) something between classic tube and solid-state amplifiers!
  • With the natural sound of the tube but with control of solid-state amplifiers!
  • MSRP (basic version): 15k$/pair