Very rare and most sought after Nathan Milstein’s Bach 6 Sonatas and Partitas for unaccompanied violin BWV 1001-1006. This is his very first recording on US Capitol PCR 8370 Rainbow FDS Medallion second Mono Label (the first pressing was on the same Capitol in Green & Gold FDS Medallion label from 50s, very difficult to locate nowadays). He made a second recording in 1975 on DGG stereo label that is more known, but many listeners and collectors prefer this Capitol recording. 

After playing many different violins in his earlier days, Milstein finally acquired the 1716 “Goldman” Stradivarius in 1945 which he used for the rest of his life. He renamed this Stradivarius the “Maria Teresa” in honour of his daughter Maria (presently wife of Marchese GiovanAngelo Theodoli-Braschi, Duke of Nemi and Grandee of Spain, descendant from Pope Pius VI) and his wife Therese. He also performed on the 1710 ex-“Dancla” Stradivarius for a short period. – Saulo Zuccello