Nedodio Origin CD player/converter review is coming up

Many of you asked me to evaluate the Nedodio Origin S2 flagship CD player/DAC. It should arrive in mid December for test and review. 
Origin S2 25 kg constrained layer chassis is assembled from five different materials, including copper, Hi-macs and aluminum and rests on three B1 supports with integrated Zero Vibration technology. 

Transport is based on a DVD-ROM drive that has been modified by NEODIO for the perfect extraction of micro-signals.

“The 24-bit/192KHz converter uses the only technology of its kind in the world. Its discrete analogue clock, featured here in a second generation version, provides a sound image of breathtaking depth and stability. ORIGINE has two (SPDIF and USB) digital inputs, enabling high-definition streaming playback.”
Stay tuned…