Nemanja Radulovic Bach Double Concerto video

For his new album dedicated to Bach for Deutsche Grammophon, Nemanja Radulovic – violinist decided to make a surprising video presentation of the 3rd movement of Double Concerto in d-minor that he recorded with Tijana Milošević and ensemble Double sens. In this video, Nemanja wanted to present the perception of the audience which can be different and personal, and also that Bach’s music has no borders.
“Music is my life. I deeply believe that music brings people together . Scott Peck said ” share our similarities , celebrate our differences” . This is one of the reasons for which I decided to make this video with the music of Bach. This music is alive, and travels through different epochs. Bach’s music has been an inspiration and motivation for life for many people despite their different styles, nationalities, religions and views of life. 

I always wondered what’s it like to be someone else, and Bach’s music allows me to enter the world full of imagination and become a reality in that moment.”  Nemanja Radulović
This video is inspired by the story of Lewis Carroll “Alice in wonderland