“Until now, various materials such as metal, glass, felt and rubber have been used for turntables, but all of them come with a different sonic quality because of the behavioral habits of certain materials. The new Acoustic Revive RTS-30 turntable mat is made from immersing natural ores such as Guiyang stone and tourmaline into a special damping material. By carving a geometric groove into a silicone-based damping material with excellent damping properties, vibrations transmitted from the motor of an analog player and external vibrations such as those from speakers are effectively absorbed and eliminated.”

“In addition, the blend of natural ore creates strong negative ions, which prevents the generation of static electricity during record playback and exerts a surface activation effect on vinyl records, resulting in an overwhelmingly improved S/N ratio. This provides a fresh and smooth sound and energetic texture, as well as a realistic and vivid three-dimensional sound image localization.

The effect is to bring out the information engraved on the record as it is and surpassing the upgrade to a high-priced cartridge.

Please note that the RTS-30 may not be usable with all turntables. The analog playback devices that cannot or may not be used are listed below.”

* Turntables with a vacuum-type system such as TechDAS and Micro Seiki.

(However, it can be used if the vacuum is not used).

* ROKSAN XERXES series TMS series

(It can be used depending on the positioning of the turntable, housing, and motor).