New Acoustical-Systems Axiom Anniversary tonearm!

Dietrich Brakemeier of Acoustical-Systems has been a driving force in the analog industry. His in depth knowledge on analog setup is second to none. His multiple award winning SMARTractor has made significant contributions to analog world by ever improving setup accuracy.

This year at the Munich High End Show, we got a sneak peek of the soon to be released, limited edition Axiom 20 Anniversary Tonearm.

The Axiom Anniversary Tonearm features 3 micrometers for repeatable fine tuning adjustments. VTA  can be adjusted with 1/500 mm accuracy. Anti-skating can also be adjusted with 1/500 mm accuracy, but the Tonearm also incorporates a non-linear magnetic force to counteract the skating force, with the utmost accuracy.
And last but not least, the Axiom Anniversary arm has a repeatable fine adjustment and readout of Vertical Tracking force down to 1/100 of a gram on the fly!!  
This feature is essential for AnalogMagik’s continual research and development on using a Distortion Analyzer to set up VTF.   With repeatable fine adjustments, we can now go back and forth between varying VTFs to see if the correlation with distortions are repeatable and measurable as no other Tonearm in the world can offer this level of repeatable adjustability.
Act fast because only 33 units will be made.
(By Richard H. Mak)