Aidas Mammoth gold is the new and the most advanced of Aidas production. The Aidas Mammoth Gold package contain the cartridge with mammoth ivory body stabilized. The body made of 21,000 years old Siberian Woolly Mammoth tusk. The ivory properties are closest to a human bones and has similar resonance characteristics, not only to skeletal bones, but Auditory Ossicle bones that located in the middle ear. So we have complete harmony presented. The cartridge packed in the stone box made of Siberian semi-precious stones. Also the package contains the sealed 0.5L bottle of Siberian Mammoth vodka. The mounting ware, the wrenches and the manual all included. All this inside the attractive black plastic case.

  • ​Body: 23,000 years old Mammoth ivory task
  • Cantilever: Namiki / Adamant boron composite
  • Stylus:”Namiki” MicroRidge
  • Output: 0.28mV
  • Magnet system: AlNiCo5
  • Tracking force: 1.6-1.8g.
  • Compliance lateral: 12 um/mN
  • Cartridge weight:  10.1-10.1g.
  • Recommended loading: 4 ohms
  • Channel separation: >30dB/1kHz
  • Channel balance: >1dB/1kHz
  • Coils: copper 0.03mm
  • Mount: thread  M2.5×0.45, 1/2 inch / 12.7mm standard between the holes 
  • Trackability at 300Hz/1.6g: 70-80uM
  • Vertical tracking angle: 20°  
  • Recommended tonearm mass: medium
  • Damping system: 2X
  • Break-in period: 50 hours