New AKM AK4499EXEQ Stereo Premium DAC

New AKM AK4499EXEQ 135dB Stereo Premium DAC. The AK4499EXEQ is a Stereo Premium DAC based on the Switched Resistor DAC method employing VELVETSOUND™ technology. The design uses the latest high-quality sound technology and a completely separate digital/analog solution to achieve a “sound as if you were there” experience. When used in conjunction with the AK4191EQ the AK4499EXEQ is the ideal analog conversion solution for playback of industry-leading high-resolution sound sources. 

Key Features

  • World’s Highest Level of Analog Characteristics : S/N : 135dB, THD : -124dB


  • Network Audio, USB DACs, CD/SACD Players, Wireless Speaker Systems, Soundbars, Digital Audio Players, Electronic Musical Instruments, Audio Interfaces, Digital Mixers