New Ambitious Audio Design A1.1 Speakers

Ambitious Audio Design writes: “With the A-Series we wanted to create a series of loudspeakers with extraordinary performance. To achieve this goal, we have reviewed all parts in loudspeaker design to find the best solutions. As a result, all components are made especially for the A-Series and several revolutionary technical solutions have never been seen before.”  

In designing A1.1 we wanted to develop a small loudspeaker system with an exceptional performance.
There are pros & cons to designing a small loudspeaker. 
For example: 
We cannot bend the laws of nature, and small speakers cannot move enough air to reproduce true deep bass, if you also want a sublime midrange performance at the same time.
On the other hand:
Small loudspeakers are typically much easier to fit into your listening room so you can experience a fantastic, 3-dimensional sound stage where the loudspeakers will almost disappear. It is typically easier to build a small enclosure with less coloration of the music reproduction.
For us, a unique music experience includes a clear and uncolored reproduction of the entire frequency range – from the deepest bass to the highest frequency. For achieving this, most people automatically think you need a pair of large full range loudspeakers. 
That may not be the right answer: 
  • It is common knowledge that large full range speakers can be difficult to place in the right position in the listening room.
  • Especially the bass reproduction can be a challenge. In one position you may have too much bass – in another position you may have too little. The solution is often a compromise between an acceptable bass performance and the best perspective. 
  • You may end up having a pair of large speakers in the middle of the room and still not be satisfied with the performance.
When designing the small A1.1 we made an unusual choice:
  • A1.1 should not reproduce deep bass. Instead, A1.1 should do everything else extraordinarily well.
  • We cannot enjoy music without full range performance so A1.1 needs an additional high performance bass unit that will fit into your listening room! 
The combination of a pair of A1.1 + a high performance subwoofer therefore gives the following advantages compared to a traditional large full range speaker:
  • You will obtain an extraordinary upper bass, midrange, and high frequency performance.
  • Combined with an active subwoofer you will experience an extremely balanced full range performance.
  • A1.1 is relatively easy to place in the right position for best performance.
Ambitious Audio Design will introduce a matching subwoofer for the A1.1
There are several design principles that can produce sound, however, not all principles are suitable for reproducing sound with high sound quality, and there is no principle that is superior in all reproduction parameters. 
Our goal is to create exceptionally good sound and our focus is on creating better reproduction – from the speakers – because they are the weakest link in the reproduction chain. Therefore we are constantly working to find materials, methods and technologies that can improve sound reproduction.
In this section we will describe how our new speaker units differ from traditional constructions.
By far the most common speaker principle is the electromagnetic principle. The principle, which was invented by the Danish inventor Peter Jensen in 1915, is effective for reproducing sound.
The principle is used everywhere in an incredible number of contexts – in traditional home stereos, in car stereos, in mobile phones, in all kinds of devices, in cinemas, PA systems – and in real High End systems.
However, the principle is not without weaknesses. When the principle is used to create truly lifelike music experiences, factors such as membrane geometry, material selection, suspension system, magnetic motor, chassis, airflow are incredibly critical.
Around the world, developers are looking to optimize the rendering and a lot of work is done to make the components better and more cost effective.
Ambitious Audio Design has tested a large part of the high-quality units available in the market and we have custom-made speaker units. Unfortunately, no one has been able to live up to the requirements in the uncompromising A-Series. This is the main reason why Ambitious Audio Design develops and produces its own speaker units. 


Ambitious Audio Design was started in 2011 by Paul Hansen as a research and development company within audio – with a focus on speaker technology. The establishment took place after more than 30 years of experimenting with speaker construction using known techniques.
The desire to constantly improve the sound quality is great and ideas for how the quality can be improved must be constantly tested and tested. Although the sound quality is continuously improved with new materials, there are still several improvement options in conventional speaker technology. With extensive research, we have succeeded in improving the performance.