New Ansuz Sprkz TC3 Harmonizer

Ansuz’s audio engineering division proudly intro- duces the new (1200 $/ €) Ansuz Sparkz TC3 Harmonizer. 

Unlocking the full acoustic potential

Like the other Ansuz power products in their third generation, the primary design goal of the Ansuz Sparkz TC3 was to create a product that enhances musical performance in the form of a huge soundstage presented on a dark background. 
The results in an even more authentic music experience. This is an approach that taps into Ansuz general vision of bringing people closer to the music, meaning that our quest is always to try to unlock the full acoustic potential of music. The ongoing optimization of our technologies that takes place at Ansuz is a result of our constant curiosity for new knowledge. 
Outstanding musicality
Ansuz Sparkz is a noise cancellation plug for open mains sockets, mainly in power distributors. Mains power transmits disturbing noise that ‘bleeds’ into the other Hi-Fi components and impairs their ability to reproduce music with openness and fine detail on a wide soundstage. Ansuz Sparkz is equipped with Ansuz noise reduction technologies to deliver any music with more openness and speed, against an amazingly quiet background.

Analog dither technology 3rd generation

A 3rd generation of the Ansuz analog dither technology has been developed and applied in the Ansuz Sparkz TC3. Analog dither technology originates from radar, where it provides a stronger signal and thus a much longer range. Active Tesla coils emit pulsating signals with precisely defined frequencies. These signals are sent in anti-phase. This significantly amplifies the music signal and eliminates background noise.
Many Ansuz audio products are equipped with this analog dither technique, as it has proven to be amazingly sound enhancing.
Recently, Ansuz has introduced a 3rd generation of this Ansuz analog dither technology. An even more advanced and sophisticated version that reflects Ansuz’s recent research efforts to refine this technology by calibrating the pulsating frequencies with even greater accuracy. The result is a musical authenticity that articulates itself in a strikingly more balanced and natural sound image.

Sparkz housing – POM

The housing of the Ansuz Sparkz TC3 is casted POM which is having remarkable electrical insulating properties. The Sparkz harmonizers are designed to fit beautifully in all power outlets as well as in the Ansuz Mainz8 power distributor.

The Tesla coil principle

When Ansuz designs new audio equipment, one of the main tasks is always to eliminate as much unwanted noise as possible, to provide such uncompromising musical authenticity. This is of course also the case with the Ansuz Sparkz TC3 harmonizer, which is why it was natural to implement Ansuz Tesla coil technology. 
The Tesla coil technology aims to remove as much unwanted noise as possible from any musical performance to ensure uncompromised musical authenticity. The principle of Tesla coil technology is based on two counter-wound coils: a coil and a counter coil. In Ansuz’s words, “a double inverted coil” – the two coils both carry voltage. When the Tesla coil encounters a voltage spike, a counter coil is activated to eliminate the noise. Since noise spikes are pure voltage and carry virtually no charge, cancellation is quite good, but still not 100%. However, when multiple P-TC coils are connected in parallel, their noise cancellation capability increases notably, further reducing noise levels to unprecedentedly low levels. This significantly improves the perceived blackness of the music background.