New Apertura Forté Speakers

Apertura Audio writes: “Forté combines several qualities often contradictory. A high sensitivity that will charm owners of tube or class A electronics. An impressive low-end depth extension and control. All this in a reasonable size and a sober and elegant design.”

It also benefits from the well-known Apertura qualities of timbre fidelity, very high linearity and three- dimensional soundstage. Forté is suitable for rooms of at least 25-30m2.
As the large diameter vent tube is located on the rear panel, it is recommended to place the speaker 50-60cm away from the rear wall, if possible.


  • We find on Forté the specific Apertura cabinet shape: Non-parallel front and back and two curved sides of different lengths.
  • Cabinet made of 25 mm MDF, with a laminated structure for the two curved panels.
  • Four heavy bracing panels to stiffen the structure and limit propagation of unwanted vibrations. These reinforcements also create cavities that allow the damping materials to be applied at key points to eliminate standing waves.
  • Three different types of materials are used for this purpose.
  • The load is a classical Bass-Reflex, with a large diameter vent tube on the rear.
  • The Forté stands on a central cone, positioned on the axis of the centre of gravity. This configuration optimizes the dispersal of structure-borne noise (principle of mechanical grounding).
  • The four lateral spikes only serve to stabilize the enclosure.
  • Forté is fitted with two 18cm bass-midrange drivers of Seas in Norway.
  • They have a lightweight paper cone filled with reed fibres, which gives a wide and very linear frequency response.
  • The design of the magnetic circuit and coil have been optimized to allow maximum excursion.
  • A copper ring on the core reduces non-linearity and intermodulation distortion.
  • The high-frequency range are reproduced by a 29mm tweeter from the “Ring Radiator” family.
  • The special cone shape provides a frequency response that extends beyond 20kHz, with no high- frequency break-up modes.
  • The very powerful Neodymium magnetic circuit makes possible a very high sensitivity.
  • The rear wave damping cavity lowers the resonant frequency of the speaker.
  • Like each Apertura loudspeakers, Forté is fitted with a passive crossover using the proprietary “DRIM” technology. This type of crossover has three successive attenuation slopes (6, 12, and 24dB per octave).
  • Phase compliance over the entire bandwidth is granted as well as the absence of intermodulation.
  • Hand wired on a 140 μm copper printed circuit board.
  • All components are audiophile grade – heavy gauge coated enamel wire inductors, polypropylene capacitors, wound resistors. The internal wiring uses our heavy gauge OFC copper cable.
  • The silver-plated copper speaker binding posts accept both banana and spade plugs.