New Apertura STELA Speaker Available.

Apertura Stela was one of the speakers presented at the Munich show, and it was the metallic green version. Stela completes the line of three compact Apertura speakers  With a 2-way architecture with 3 drivers, this floorstander has the same qualities as Swing and Sensa but offers a higher level of performance in terms of bass response and dynamic capabilities  A special version of the woofers allows Stela to maintain a nominal impedance of 8 ohms and put less load on the associated amplifier.

Stela brings out all the qualities of the associated links, as well as the most beautiful recordings.
In the logical continuity of Sensa, the range is extended with the arrival of its big sister STELA. This new floorstanding speaker, slightly larger in size, allows for greater depth in the lower end of the spectrum, thanks to the use of two bass/midrange drivers.
The speed of the woofers double emissive surface, and by the special version of the tweeter with a dual ferrite motor.
Thanks to its nominal impedance held at 8 ohms, Stela will be less demanding in terms of power for the electronics that will be associated with it, but will be able to keep up with the most musical and performing amplifiers.
Its design is based on the same principles found in our most ambitious models: Multiple materials standing waves treatment—coloration free—Original crossover technology with adjusted values based on individual drivers measurements.


  • 18mm MDF cabinet
  • Four internal Bracing panels to stiffen the mechanical structure and limit propagation of parasite vibrations. Those internal bracing panels create specific cavities where damping materials can be applied for standing waves cancellation.
  • No less than 4 different types of dumping material are used.
  • The acoustic load on Stela is a bass-reflex with a vent tube on the rear. A well-proportioned base plate ensures that the speaker remains stable. Four adjustable spikes allow a fine positioning of the speaker.
  • Two 16 cm bass-midrange drivers from Seas. The driver cone is of “Isotactic Matrix” technology. A composite of woven coated polypropylene tapes. This material has excellent linearity and damping properties.
  • The design of the magnetic circuit has been optimised to concentrate the flux on the 26mm coil. The voice coil is ventilated to avoid compression effects between the phase plug and the pole piece. The low-loss rubber surround has radial reinforcements, which helps to reduce break-up modes during long excursions.
  • The 25mm Tweeter is a member of the “Ring Radiator” family.
  • It has an extended frequency response beyond 30kHz and excellent directivity performance.
  • The heavy magnetic circuit is based on a double ferrite bringing a gain in sensitivity and a lower level of distortion, at constant level.
  • A rear wave damping cavity lowers the resonant frequency of the driver.
  • Like each Apertura speaker, Stela is fitted with a passiv proprietary « DRIM » crossover, with triple attenuation slopes (6,12 24dB per Octave)
  • Phase compliance over the entire bandwidth is granted as well as the absence of intermodulation.
  • Hand wiring in our facility in Puceul, on a 140 μm copper printed circuit board
  • All components are audiophile grade – heavy gauge coated enamel wire inductors, polypropylene capacitors, wound resistors. The internal wiring uses our heavy gauge OFC copper cable.
French offical price: 
  • Black and white high gloss: 4350€
  • American walnut and Light Oak: 4600€